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What’s included in your membership?

You’ll have unlimited access to expert coaching and courses for all the crucial aspects of motherhood, including:

  • Ab & pelvic floor rehab
  • Sleep training courses
  • Lactation support & coaching
  • Labor and birth prep courses
  • Post pregnancy and maternal mental health support
  • Birth planning

How it works!

1. Your App, Your Way

Your app dashboard is completely customizable to your unique interests and needs. No matter what brings you to the membership, you’ll enjoy a dashboard curated just for YOU.

2. Private Coaching

We’ve gathered the best of the best to offer you private 1:1 coaching where you’ll receive custom plans unique to your needs. Our team of coaches includes Doctors of Physical Therapy, Certified Core & Pelvic Floor Experts, Pediatric Sleep Coaches, Mental Health experts, Pelvic floor Physical Therapists, Running Coaches, Lactation Consultants (IBCLC’s), Fertility Experts, labor & delivery coaches and more. 

3. No Guesswork

We combine self-assessments, curated follow-along on-demand video courses, and expert private coaching and optional one-on-one consults to make sure you’re completely supported on your journey. Without all the guesswork, you’re able to execute your goals safely and get results.

But don’t just take our word for it…

We love our c section Mamas too!

Ab Rehab was created with care to specifically support women who are experiencing common postpartum roadblocks like:

  • Diastasis Recti: Separation of the muscles along the midline of the abdomen and weakness of the linea alba.
  • Improving Ab Definition and Strength: Whether you're 6 weeks post pregnancy or 16 years, your core can't heal without proper training and activation. No matter your time postpartum, it's never too late to heal, improve and fix core dysfunction and weakness.
  • Back Pain: This can be caused by many things: weakness, diastasis or even C-sections. Yes really! We cover all of that, and more, in this program. Ridding back pain and educating you on where this may be stemming from.
  • Mom Pooch: A result of diastasis recti or result of core dysfunction of the lower TA's.
  • Incontinence: Leaking isn't cool. And although it's common, it's certainly not normal. We work to fix this, while also taking a look at the root cause (hint: it's not always just your pelvic floor causing the issue).
  • C-Section Scar (for our C-Section Moms): Appearance improvement (C-section apron) plus complete C-section recovery and healing protocols including birth trauma, lymph drainage, tissue work (skin, muscle and organ layer) and strategic breath protocols to re-connect with lower TA's which are disconnected from the trauma of the surgery.
  • Confidence: How you feel about your appearance, strength, and function touches every other part of your life- so the team is committed to making sure our clients have all the tools they need to radiate inside and out. You deserve to feel like home in your body.

But let’s get back to that private coaching….

Love from our Boss Mom

I created Birth Recovery Center as a safe haven for women during their unique motherhood journey.

As a Trainer, Nutritionist, pre & post Natal Expert and mother, I know firsthand that our bodies, families, and needs are all different and we need a community that reflects and celebrates that. Not only that, but with all the chatter around the “do’s and don’ts” of motherhood, I wanted to curate a wealth of reliable information from certified experts.

I hope you’ll join me and my team of coaches so we can support you in living your best, most vibrant life. Because, you deserve it. 

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